Shirley was born in Israel and raised on the beaches of southern California before finding her way to Tuscany. She finds her inspiration in the nature that she constantly seeks out in her travel. Her work has been greatly influences by the shapes and sights she has taken in in Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Japan, Italy, as well as her native California. She is a yoga teacher and designer who works from the inside out, and her daily meditation and yoga practice greatly informs her work as well as her life. In a high intensity and fast paced world, yoga has always been her favorite tool for dealing with daily pressures and stress. Students, clients, and colleagues find her a joy to work with, because along with her talent and passion, she brings a unique equanimity to any situation. Yoga isn’t something she just does, it is something she lives.

Shirley is recognized for her down-to-earth approach to wellness and design while maintaining a sophisticated sense of style. Having spent nearly a decade living and designing luxury residences throughout the Islands of Hawaii, her keen sense of living with aloha spirit set her apart from the rest.


In 2015, Shirley greatly deepened her personal yoga practice by completing a yoga teacher training with Steve Ross and Ish Moran at Maha Yoga in Los Angeles, California.  Later in the year, she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa flow in her beloved Italy with It’s Yoga Firenze which, among other things, gave her the opportunity to live in Florence for several weeks as a visitor rather than a tourist and it has since become her home. In 2016 Shirley completed It’s Yoga KIDS yoga program and shortly after began teaching kids yoga in Florence, Italy.

Currently Shirley teaches yoga in Florence, hosts yoga retreats throughout Tuscany, designs rugs for her growing collection (, and assists private clients with achieving their personal wellness goals.