Shirley Shivhon is a yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy teacher from Los Angeles.

She has been living and teaching in Italy since 2015.

Prior to that she worked, studied and practiced at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, California where she created various workshops and coordinated yoga retreats for Steve Ross of Inhale Yoga (on the OH network).

In a high intensity and fast paced world, yoga has always been her favorite tool for dealing with daily pressures and stress. Students, clients, and colleagues find her a joy to work with, because along with her talent and passion, she brings a unique equanimity to any situation. Yoga isn’t something she just does, it is something she lives.

“In recent years I have completed trainings in power/vinyasa yoga, meditation, ashtanga yoga, kids yoga, yin yoga, reiki, sound healing and energy work.

I really enjoy being able to teach both a very strong vinyasa flow class or a gentle and deeply meditative class and like to create my classes with my students’ specific needs in mind.

My daily meditation and yoga practice greatly inform my work as well as my life. Yoga is the way I choose to live my life every moment of every day.

I currently teach yoga classes, workshops, and retreats in Italy and am a faculty member of one of Florence’s leading universities where I was lucky to participate in creating the first undergrad Yoga program in Italy and where I teach yoga, meditation, philosophy, and eastern religions academic courses”