I did it. I am a proud owner of a car in Italy. A car that is registered to me and fully insured. Now, that may not sound like a big deal , and given the fact I’ve been driving since the age of 16 and have owned several cars in my adult life, I would agree that it shouldn’t be a big deal. But it is. Buying a car in Italy as a foreigner is no easy feat and one I learned the hard way.

Italy has a funny way of testing us expats. Just when I think things are simple and I’ve got it all under control, she once again shows me just how complicated she can be and that I am clearly not in control of where this story is headed. She gently, and not so gently, reminds me to accept and surrender if I want to continue down this path and that fighting what is will only result in frustration and tears.

So how do we overcome obstacles when they show up? Because obstacles are very real and will show up from time to time.  

The past two weeks have I have found myself chin deep in Italian bureaucracy running from one government office to another in an attempt to collect the correct paperwork and documentation to prove that I am legally here and a resident so that I can complete the purchase of my car and get it registered and insured. The universe pushed me along this path and while it was challenging, exhausting, and at one point brought me to the verge of tears, it moved me along. In the process I completed several documents which I probably wouldn’t have any time soon if there was not this impending circumstance. I finally have my Italian ID and looks like my new residency card will arrive next week after 8 long months of waiting for it.

Acceptance is the name of the game. If life seems to be pushing you in a certain direction and you are resisting it, ask yourself why? What are you afraid of? Fears are meant to be pushed through because freedom and success are always on the other side.  

Fears keep us small, keep us doing what we’ve always done, and risks make us great. By flowing with the path of your life, you are always certain to get where you need to be. The river knows where it ends. Swimming back upstream to change the direction of your life will never serve you. If you weren’t meant to be on that river, you would be on it. Trust that the river knows where it is meant to be flowing and relax a bit, even try to enjoy the ride. Whatever happens is brining you to a better place, if you can just trust in the process.

Acceptance and trust go a long way to helping us create the life of our dreams.

And just like that, after two long weeks of running around and doing all that I was asked to do, all while taking the bus daily to work and back, I finally received my little car yesterday.  

Now, time to study for that Italian driver’s license. Mamma mia.

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