Body Scan Meditation

We can become aware of subtle changes in our own bodies by doing a simple energy scan on a regular basis.

Our bodies are the living vehicles for our spirits and deserve our loving care and daily attention. We have so much power to positively affect our health, prevent illness, and heal injuries and disease by regularly focusing gentle and loving attention on the workings of our bodies. This can be done with this simple body scan meditation.

I love to teach this type of meditation on retreats and encourage students to return to it on a regular basis when they are back home. On retreat we usually take approximately 45 minutes to do this type of practice. But even just a few minutes regularly on your own is great. 

Begin by simply lying in a comfortable position and taking three deep cleansing breaths. Imagine a bright white light entering the top of your head. Feel this light slowly scanning each part of your internal body. Allow it to scan every cell in your body and keep breathing. Allow this light to gently travel all the way through your body. I usually guide students from the feet up. Every time you inhale imagine yourself nourishing your body. Every time you exhale, blow out stale energy you no longer need.

Notice any changes in your body. Sensations may vary from person to person. You may feel a shift in body temperature, see a color or flash of light, or hear a voice offering you guidance. If you feel resistance or discomfort in a certain area of your body, gently send more of your breath to that part of your body and see if you can relax it even more. Don’t judge the discomfort or even label it. Just gently send more air to it, creating more space within your body.

Try not to analyze the wisdom that comes to you. Often, we experience energy blocks in our body because our body is trying to tell us something. You may want to continue breathing into that area until you feel the block dissolving. When you have finished your scan, take one last deep breath and exhale any energetic residue that you are ready to release. 

The body doesn’t lie, and it has much wisdom to share with us. Any injuries or blocks that exist in our bodies are there so that we can learn from having them in our bodies. An existing injury can teach us to slow down or help us recognize that something is out of balance. The more you scan your body, the better you will become at it. If you sense that something is not right in your body, you may want to visit a doctor and tell them about your experience. When you have finished your scan, don’t forget to thank yourself and your body for taking such good care of you.

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