How would you like a bit of Tuscany delivered right to your door?

Tuscany is magical and healing; we all know that already. That’s exactly why I choose to host yoga retreats here. Heck, that’s why I’ve left my life in California and up and moved here.

While I understand that you can’t always drop everything and come visit me for a retreat under the Tuscan sun I’ve decided to bring some of the best wellness and nourishment that Tuscany has to offer right to you. My benessere boxes are filled with natural and organic delicious treats and beauty products made in Italy to make you feel good inside and out.

To me, benessere means making the choice to care for yourself. It’s about feeling happy, grateful, confident, energetic and free. It’s taking time out to unwind, relax and focus on yourself, and then getting up and going again. It’s about balance. I want to make it easy for you to feel and look your absolute best.

I get that life is exciting and also hectic, that sometimes it’s hard to take a pausa and listen to what your body needs. Let me take care of that. There are so many amazing wellness and beauty products, I’ve done my research and found the very best Tuscany has to offer. And I’ll deliver it straight to your door.

Or you could just pack your bag and join me on my next retreat in Tuscany and have the dolce vita experience for yourself. The choice is yours.



1. Select the subscription plan that you like.
2. I pick the finest treats carefully for you.
3. I deliver everything to you.
4. Enjoy your taste of Tuscany.


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