fall in love with the unknown

Do you know what’s next? Me neither.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I do a lot of things, and that the line between my work life and my personal life is very blurry, and often non-existent. Two years ago I came to Tuscany on a yoga retreat,  fell in love, quit my job and began a love affair with Tuscany. I listened to my heart and changed my entire life. After nearly two decades of working in architectural and product design I did a complete about face… I’m now a yoga teacher, student, retreat coordinator, writer, photographer, and designer. Many hats is truly an understatement, and I choose to wear them all. Every day.

I used to shy away from uncertainty, especially when it came to my professional life. I spent years studying design, chose my mentors carefully, and dove deeply into a very rewarding career in design after completing my studies. And I loved it. I was extremely passionate about design and my projects. And I was beyond grateful for my clients, contractors, and artisans. But then one day things changed. I no longer felt that burning desire to create spaces for others. I realized that creating the perfect home or sanctuary for my clients was not enough for me. I wanted more.But I had no idea what…  so I dove deeper into my personal yoga practice and so began the transformation.

This past year of living in Italy has been filled with unknowns and has been scary at times, but I’ve learned to embrace this unknown and open myself up to what the universe has in store for me, all the while trusting that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, even if I don’t yet know why.

The unknown says: Jump. Let’s see what you are capable of. You will never know what surprising things are buried under your safe foundation until you start digging.

The unknown doesn’t say don’t plan. It doesn’t say leave everything to chance. It says: intentionally step out into me, be mindful of what works, and set your intention to learning as much as possible. Leave room for me. Let me be your guide.

The unknown invites us to jump, but we have to accept the invitation. It doesn’t have to be accidental. You can choose courage. Sit in it, play in it. The unknown will offer you a series of moments when you just have to figure it out. It doesn’t promise you fulfillment, prosperity or security. But whatever you uncover is infinite, and up to you.

There is little that I know for sure, but I know that I prefer to follow my heart over safety. I know that we grow when we are stretched beyond our comfort zone. And that feeling uncomfortable often means that we are indeed growing. Do not discredit that little voice inside of you asking you to take a risk, to pursue something unfamiliar, to revisit a passion that time may have drowned out, or to just open yourself up and be vulnerable to new situations and adventures.

When we stop resisting and become okay with not knowing, we are receptive to all options. We are open. We don’t discredit the possibilities, or label them as wrong, or push them to the side.

None of this will ever promise you comfort. None of this will promise you safety. But what would happen if you fell completely in love with not knowing? What if you learned to adore the unknown? What if you made it your confidant– the friendly ghost walking beside you?



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