Gratitude as a way to Happiness

Happiness is obviously subjective and each one of us perceives it according to our own capacity. Some people find happiness in money, a new job, a vacation, while others find it in the little things that happen in our daily lives, such as approval, a confession of love, or even an apology. Gratitude is also one way that could bring about happiness. When we open our hearts and express gratitude for something, or someone, we connect to our inherent state of happiness or bliss. The skill of counting our blessings rather than focusing on what is missing, and being happy and thankful for even the little pleasures of life can bring about a profound level of inner joy.

There have been numerous studies and behavioral researches done on the concept of gratitude and these studies have seen positive results and life improvements with the practice of gratitude. From resilience, to reduction in stress levels and building stronger relationships- gratitude affects all of these aspects. It is present oriented and creates positive energy and connection between individuals.

When a person utters a word of thanks to you, chances are, it will make you feel productive and pleased for doing something that has benefited another. Here are just a few simple ways of  how being grateful can pave the way to your happiness.

Savoring The Moment:

Mindfulness and gratitude clearly go hand in hand. When a person begins to live in the moment and appreciates all that they have, rather than worrying about things that they don’t have, that is,  when they begin to acknowledge the goodness in their life they also stop taking things for granted. It is a state of being content and satisfied with life’s circumstances regardless of current challenges. Doing this will create happy positive connections and memories, which will only make you emotionally strong.


The Brighter Side of Things:

With gratefulness comes the stance of looking at the bright side of the picture. Gratitude promotes an optimistic mindset. Thankful people may not have the best of everything, but the tend to look at the positive aspects, and that is how the quality of their life improves.


Boosting Self Esteem:

Whether you are at the giving or receiving end, thankfulness will boost self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence in both individuals, which will obviously gradually enhance their level of happiness as well. When people are readily present to assist you, it will make you feel seen and valued, and have a positive impact on your overall level of happiness.


Paying it Forward

Many people tend to help others as a way of expressing their gratitude. Research shows that grateful people are more likely to lend a hand to others than ungrateful ones. This then forms a cycle and will carry forward the act of kindness caused by the emotions of gratefulness.


Emotionally, personally, socially, and health wise, gratitude brings out the best in people and situations. Acquire this gift in your life and see the level of your happiness rise.

What and whom can you be grateful for today?

Personally, today I am grateful for the opportunity to share my yoga practice and facilitate yoga classes in Italy with beautiful students. I am grateful for my peaceful home, the natural environment that my home is situated in, the land, the garden that nourishes my body, my deep and meaningful friendships here, my loving boyfriend, and my supportive family that may be quite far in miles but always with me.

I invite you to take a few moments to quiet your mind, take some deep breathes, relax your body, and bring to mind something or someone you are grateful for. And maybe, if you’re up to it.. let them know. 


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