not for everyone

You are great. I don’t care what your thing is, I believe that you are great at something or maybe you’re great at a whole lot of things. But no matter how great you are at however many amazing, impressive or important things, no amount of expertise, experience, or passion will mean that everyone will like you.

Let yourself off the hook, the truth is that you don’t have to be for everyone, because no matter how hard you could possibly try, you never will be. It’s easy to feel like the goal is to be well-liked. I remember in high school wanting desperately to be one of the cool kids– to wear certain clothes, drive a certain car, and act a certain way. But I could never contort myself enough to fit into that perfect mold.

In some ways, we never really graduate from high school. Society and pop culture teach us how we should be or what we should do in order to please people and fit in. The mold still exists, the shape changes, and still, we try to stretch into things that we just weren’t made for.

To begin writing on the internet and hosting yoga retreats, I had to embrace my own shape and allow myself to be vulnerable just as I am. I had to accept the fact that not everyone will like my way of doing things and not everyone will choose to be a part of my experiences. 

The real goal is not, and never was, to be well liked. The real goal is to live so deeply in our authenticity that we simply know that the people around us love us for who we are, and never for what we do. What you do becomes simplistic when you compare it to the much bigger picture of who you are. Doing anything at all that you believe in– doing anything with passion and intention– means that someone out there will disagree, and that’s okay. Your work and your words won’t resonate with everyone.

It’s not possible to be for everyone.

So please just take a deep breath, relax and be who you are. When you find the people who really get you, they will be in it for the right reasons. They will love you and support you for your authentic self, unfiltered.


PS- would like to give photo credit to the amazingly talented Christine Juette for the photo above. Thanks for capturing me, just as I am.


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